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Each fall and spring, NITMB holds a Long Program (LP) that addresses one or more of the five research themes supported by the NITMB. Each LP hosts 30–50 participants from outside NITMB and 20–30 NITMB members, with some participants staying an entire academic quarter.

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LP Format

Each LP will begin with a Tutorial Workshop to introduce the theme and identify major challenges. This workshop will serve as a seed of new and productive collaborative ideas.

There will follow three Technical Workshops, with the first immediately after the Tutorial Workshop, and the others at three-week intervals.

All LPs will be held in the NITMB space in downtown Chicago. LP participants will have dedicated office space there and will be welcome to join NITMB research groups in the NITMB space or embed in Hyde Park and Evanston groups.

LP Selection

An LP is organized by three to five scientists external to NITMB. The organizers select scientists to present their work at workshops throughout the quarter. LP proposals will be solicited from the international biology, physics  and mathematics communities. Emerging Directions Workshops will catalyze the development of LPs. NITMB will also partner with the Institute for Mathematical Statistical Innovation at the University of Chicago on LPs of common interest.

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