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Ecological Dynamics of
Microbial Communities:
new approaches


Upcoming Events

Ecological Dynamics of Microbial Communities: new approaches

Apr 29 – May 03, 2024

NITMB @ The John Hancock Center, 875 N Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60611

This workshop will explore new approaches to ecological dynamics of microbial communities. Co-hosted with the Institute for Mathematical and Statistical Innovation. Applications are being accepted now through March 31, 2024.

Calls for Proposals

NSF-Simons NITMB News

What is NSF-Simons NITMB?

The NSF-Simons National Institute for Theory and Mathematics in Biology (NITMB) aims to integrate the disciplines of mathematics and biology in order to transform the practice of biological research and to inspire new mathematical discoveries.


NITMB is a partnership between Northwestern University and the University of Chicago.

It is funded by the National Science Foundation DMS-2235451 and the Simons Foundations MP-TMPS-00005320.

The mission of the NITMB is to create a nationwide collaborative research community that will generate new mathematical results and uncover the “rules of life” through theories, data-informed mathematical models, and computational and statistical tools. The NITMB leverages close collaborations between experimentalists and theorists to synergize discovery. The fundamental research done by NITMB will stimulate advances in areas as diverse as the environment, medicine, and technology development. NITMB members and visitors share space in downtown Chicago that is readily accessible to collaborators across the U.S. and the world.

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