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Convening Activities

Convening activities are critical for bridging gaps between mathematics and biology, and for uniting these disciplines over major questions of common interest. They are organized around broad conceptual themes common to mathematics and biology and highlight opportunities for mathematicians to develop new mathematics that have a direct impact on biology research.


These are open to participants from institutions worldwide, and aim to include researchers from both disciplines. Activities are designed to encourage discovery, stimulate collaborations among participants, and build a dialogue concerning the practice of research by mathematicians and biologists. Most convening programs will be held in the NSF-Simons National Institute for Theory and Mathematics in Biology space located in the John Hancock Center in downtown Chicago.


A Scientific Workshop at the NITMB is a week-long focused program in a specific area of current research at the intersection of biological and mathematical sciences.

Now accepting proposals to host a Workshop.

Long Programs

Each fall and spring, NITMB holds a Long Program (LP) that addresses one
or more of the five research themes supported by the NITMB.

Now accepting proposals to host Long Programs.

Emerging Directions

Potential to Identify Emerging Research Directions: each winter the NITMB hosts an Emerging Directions Workshop in rapid response to new biological discoveries and new advances in mathematical approaches. These are intensive, multi-day gatherings on timely topics and challenges attended by outside participants and NITMB members. We anticipate that these are often identified for their rapid development during long program activities.


NITMB supports research collaboration between mathematics and biology that can lead to discovery in either or both domains. Successful workshops lead to research will be show-cased in future NITMB Synthesis Workshops organized by some of the organizers and participants.

Summer Tutorials

Long Program organizers are invited to teach a Summer Workshop in the summer
before their Long Program (LP). The workshop introduces LP participants to
the general theme and identifies major challenges.

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