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Convening activities are not only critical for bridging gaps between mathematics and biology, but also for uniting these disciplines over major questions of common interest. Each activity at NITMB will be open to participants from institutions worldwide, and will include researchers from both disciplines. They are designed to encourage discovery, stimulate collaborations among participants, and build a dialogue concerning the practice of research by mathematicians and biologists. Most convening programs will be held in the NITMB space located in downtown Chicago, midway between the Northwestern University Evanston campus and the University of Chicago Hyde Park campus.

Convening activities are organized not around fields but around broad conceptual themes common to mathematics and biology. NITMB also focuses on highlighting opportunities for mathematicians to develop new mathematics that have a direct impact on biology research.

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Scientific Long Programs

Each fall and spring, NITMB holds a Long Program (LP) that addresses one or more of the five research themes supported by the NITMB.

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Annual NITMB Conference

Each summer, NITMB hosts an international conference to highlight accomplishments and new collaborations among its participants.

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Summer Tutorial Workshops

LP organizers are invited to teach a Summer Workshop in the summer before their LP. The workshop introduces LP participants to the general theme and identifies major challenges.

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Synthesis Workshops

LP organizers are invited to hold a workshop in the summer, one or two years after the LP, giving participants an opportunity to synthesize progress in solving thematic problems related to the LP.

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Emerging Directions


Held in the winter, these workshops focus on timely topics and challenges. Topics that generate significant interest will be nominated as topics for a future LP.

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Visiting Scholars Program

NITMB hosts visitors for a few days to weeks to develop new collaborations and research directions. Scholars are appointed full time members of NITMB and given NITMB space downtown. They are invited to participate in NITMB activities .

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