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NITMB Code of Conduct


  • Values diversity and champions the fundamental principle of treating others with respect. 

  • Is committed to providing a safe research and work environment in which discrimination, harassment, stalking, bullying, hazing, and other abuse or acts or threats of violence are not tolerated. 

  • Expects its members, associates, and visitors to treat each other and those with whom they engage or collaborate on behalf of the NITMB with respect, honesty, integrity, and civility, and avoid conduct that is unwelcome, offensive, obscene or disorderly. 

  • Further expects its members to conduct their research, academic, and all other NITMB activities in accordance with the highest scientific, professional, and ethical standards.

A copy of this Code will be provided to all visitors to the NITMB.

Expectations for a Safe and Inclusive Work Environment:


The NITMB is physically located in Chicago, in proximity to Northwestern’s Streeterville campus, and University of Chicago’s campus. In addition to supporting research at the two universities, NITMB will host multiple convening activities each year, with hundreds of visitors per year from institutions around the world staying with us for days up to weeks.

It is the responsibility of all NITMB leaders, participating institutions, and their respective faculty, staff, postdoctoral fellows and scholars, students, visitors, and all others who are, in each case, funded by, working with, visiting, or participating in an event organized by, the NITMB (hereinafter referred to as NITMB “members and associates”) to foster a safe, inclusive, and harassment-free working environment for the NITMB.  

As part of this responsibility, NITMB is providing this Code to visitors to document expectations for adherence to the following standards. 

All NITMB members and associates must comply with policies, conduct standards, and health and safety guidelines applicable to work done as part of NITMB (including, without limitation, policies prohibiting discrimination, harassment and sexual misconduct), as well as the  applicable policies and funding terms of the National Science Foundation and Simons Foundation, NITMB’s funding sponsors, and all applicable laws and regulations.  NITMB visitors who do not have policies analogous to those listed below, are obligated to familiarize themselves and comply with Northwestern’s University’s policies while they are visiting or participating in NITMB-organized activities. 


Northwestern Policies/Resources:


Third parties who have not completed similar training at their home institution shall be referred to the City of Chicago’s Sexual Harassment Training module.  Visitors who may receive a visiting appointment with Northwestern, will be required to adhere to Northwestern’s Research Visitors policy.

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