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NSF-Simons NITMB Launches Summer Undergraduate Research Program for Summer 2024

The NSF-Simons National Institute for Theory and Mathematics in Biology will be launching the Institute's Summer Undergraduate Research Program on Monday, June 17th. This program gives undergraduate students majoring in biology, engineering, mathematics, statistics, physics, and related fields the opportunity to participate in hands-on laboratory or computational research that applies mathematical concepts and methodology to understanding mechanisms in biology.

NITMB appointments focus on recruitment of students from minority-serving institutions, primarily-undergraduate institutions, and community colleges. Students will work closely with faculty mentors to develop and apply cutting-edge mathematical and computational models to address problems in biology. Weekly workshops cover scientific writing and presentations, interdisciplinary communication, computer programming, applying to graduate schools and fellowships, and career opportunities.

For more information on the NITMB Summer Undergraduate Research Program, visit



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