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Timekeeping in Growing Cyanobacteria: A Conversation with Sneha Kachhara

The NSF-Simons National Institute for Theory and Mathematics in Biology is building community and expanding research possibilities with the Institute’s Research-In-Progress meetings. This meeting series convenes members of the NSF-Simons NITMB community to an informal venue for discussion of ongoing and planned projects. We are proud to invite a wide variety of scientists and mathematicians to share their work with our community. While Research-In-Progress meetings are only intended for members of the NITMB, we want to publicly spotlight some of the researchers who will be joining us to share insight into their career and work. 


Sneha Kachhara, a postdoctoral scholar in the Department of Molecular Biosciences at Northwestern University, will be featured during a Research-In-Progress meeting exploring ‘Timekeeping in growing cyanobacteria: Modeling synchronized oscillations with stochastic phase resetting.’ Kachhara joined Northwestern’s Department of Molecular Biosciences in August 2022 after being awarded a PhD in Physics from the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) in Tirupati, India. 

Sneha Kachhara, postdoctoral scholar, Northwestern University 

We spoke with Sneha Kachhara to explore her research interests and how she hopes the NITMB’s Research-In-Progress meetings will impact her work. 


What is your current research area? 


“I am interested in the mathematical modeling of complex systems and processes. I am currently working on models of circadian rhythms and the applications of network science in biology. This research integrates Nonlinear Dynamics and Systems Biology.” 


What excites you about the NITMB’s Research-In-Progress meetings? 


“It is an excellent opportunity to learn about my peers' work and discuss ideas and work-in-progress. I am looking forward to the feedback from experts in different areas of mathematical biology on my work and to sharing my perspectives with them.” 


Why are you interested in the NITMB? 


“NITMB provides a unique platform to interact and collaborate with experts on different themes of mathematical biology. I have a better understanding of the standard practices and nuances of biological systems, credit to which goes to the various events hosted by the NITMB in the past few months.” 


How do you believe the NITMB community can support you and your work? 


“I hope the NITMB supports me in establishing a career in research and provides opportunities to advance professionally.” 


What interests do you have outside of your research? 


“I like to explore the city, try different cuisines, and meet people from various backgrounds in life.” 


What are you hoping to work on in the future? 


“I plan to work on more varied systems in biology and beyond, by developing realistic mathematical models. Being part of the NITMB provides a unique opportunity to get familiar with these systems and to brainstorm the modeling process. I also hope that NITMB provides and enables access to opportunities to advance in my career.” 


The NITMB community looks forward to welcoming Sneha Kachhara to discuss her work-in-progress on Tuesday, June 25th. 



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